Well 2021 has been a very strange year, including death life music releases and lots of outdoor swimming! Glad things are all happening again, currently working as a sound engineer in a few venues over Edinburgh and about start working on an animation and short film at the end of this month, early December. Trying to finish an album of my own music, wishing motivation would come to me more often. Some of these songs have been sitting on my hard drive for years, its odd I always find it easier to work with someone else than on your own. You challenge each other and get excited about new creations, two minds being better than one. Left to my own devices I would just let things disappear so I am finally pushing myself to finish something not for anyone else but myself, I need to do it, that constant worry or feeling of letting myself down. I am bored of it, just get to it FFS Keith. Ha ha I bet I look at this post in a few years and say “what ever happened to that album?”

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