Perth, WA Fringe-world Tech Manager

Currently in Perth Western Australia working as a Tech Manager for Fringe-world. I am in charge of five different venues, 7 staff and over 40 different theatre acts. I have been loving the challenge ahead of me, very different world away from film. A lot of responsibility and intense situations, definitely kept me on my toes. The scorching weather has been something else as well! Not seen any spiders yet and I have been swimming once a week or at least when I can find the time in amongst the long hours. Perth is a beautiful city, very bike friendly and full of character. The people I am working with are lovely, very skilled and helpful. I feel privileged to have been invited here. I’m not going to say its been easy, a challenge for sure, especially for confidence and being sure of ones self but I would recommend it to anyone thinking about coming to Australia to work in the arts, at least for three months. Might give you a broader view of the world and get you out of the work bubble.

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